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Isle of May

Anchored on the edge of the Firth of Forth, the Isle of May is a magical mix of seabirds, seals and smugglers. Witness one of Scotland's most amazing natural spectacles, where seabirds cram onto the ledges of the Isle's towering cliffs and puffins peek out from their grassy burrows.

In early summer, the cliffs are heaving with nesting sea birds in a noisy spectacle you can witness from the cliff top path. The island is also home to the unmistakeable puffin, a comical looking bird that dazzles visitors with its brightly coloured bill.There is a rich and fascinating history here too, with monks, Vikings and smugglers all previous visitors to the isle.

There is a visitor centre, which nestles into the slope overlooking the main harbour.  An external viewing area looks out across the island with excellent views of wildlife, the shoreline and the south of the island.  Large windows offer more sheltered viewing from inside the building.

The best months for seeing the breeding seabirds are June and July. Ferries run to the Isle of May from April through to September.

Isle of May

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