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Farne Isles

Scattered a couple of miles off the coast near Seahouses, this cluster of islands was declared by broadcaster Sir David Attenborough as his favourite place in the UK to see nature at its best.

During summertime around 150,000 breeding pairs of seabirds cram onto the islands. Around 23 different varieties of birds can be spotted here, including razorbills, guillemots, eider ducks and colourful puffins are just some of the varieties that flock here.  
Look out for the island’s colony of grey or Atlantic seals hauled up on the rocks or bobbing inquisitively in the sea. The islands have the largest breeding colony in England with some 1,000 pups born here each autumn.

Land on Inner Farne, Staple Island, and Longstone when the islands open in spring until autumn time. If seeing the seabird spectacle is your goal, plan your visit between mid April and late July to see the largest number of birds. Fluffy white seal pups can be seen on the islands from late October.

Boarding the National Trust owned islands takes you right among the nesting birds - which can get closer than you might expect. Arctic terns protecting their nest sites swoop and dive-bomb unsuspecting visitors, so be sure to wear a hat to protect your head.  

Farne Islands

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